Notice for complete details of Secondary and Senior Secondary Change Answer Books.

Notice for Coordinator / Deputy Coordinator of the Study Center all districts.

Important notice for June Exam 2020

Important notice for TOC and General Admission 2020

Important Notice

Important Notice for Recount Second Exam Dec2019

Important Notice for district Sitamarhi

बाटलीवाला जरवान जुवीन का अंकपत्रादि रद्द करने के सबंध में|

Important Notice for First Exam June 2019

Important Notice for co-ordinator,Dupty co-ordinator,Teacher's and Studants

Regarding of exam form date extension for first exam 2019

Important notice for Exam Form(First Exam,June-2019) feeling Date

Notice for Admission Date Year(2018-19) and Session(01 Sep 2018 to 28 Feb 2019)

Notice for Exam Form December 2018

Important notice for Meeting

BBOSE Notice

BBOSE Notice For Study Center(CW26170034)

Important notice for TOC Admission Dates

Important notice regarding Exam

Important notice regarding Admission

सभी अध्ययन केंद्रों के लिए आवश्यक सुचना 01/06/2016

कार्यालय आदेश 18/05/2016

कार्यालय आदेश 16/05/2016

कार्यालय आदेश 10/05/2016

Office Order concern to 1st Public Examination December 2013

Important for voct st_center, Which has already registered with BBOSE

Availability of Admission Form for Academic Session(2011-12)

Revised Date of Admission & Fee Structure for Academic Session(2011-12)

Complete Fee Structure for Academic Session(2011-12)


Office Order : 16/03/2012

Notice:Workshop for hunar II on dated 7/5/12 to 11/5/12

Master Chart for rest Forthcomming Centers